Extreme hair loss

The Capilicare shampoo duo black bottle (normal hair) or white bottle (colored hair), as well as the Capilicare 5% lotion used with the Capilcatif or Capilicare preparatory serum, constitutes one of the very first treatments based on high concentration biomimetic peptides to control severe hair loss. Clinical studies have shown that the main active ingredient (CAPIXYL 5%) is effective when used over a period of 4 months. This corresponds to the duration of the tests carried out in clinical studies, i.e., the equivalent of 3 sets of shampoo and 5% lotion. The active ingredients included in Capilicare target all the main factors of severe hair loss: blocking DHT, reducing inflammation, preventing thinning, improving anchoring, stimulating collagen production, accelerating hair growth, and increasing the number of hairs in the anagen phase.

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